Get to discover Orchid in Rwanda

Kingdom: Plantae

Phylum: Angiosperms
Class: Monocot
Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae

History of orchid in Rwanda: Rwanda, country of thousands hills, is one of the smallest country in Africa. The history of orchid research in Rwanda started with the first German expedition in 1907-1908, the botanist Johannes Mildbraed who joined this expedition was the first to collect systematically orchids. Mecklenburg in 1910, and Professor Dr. Eberhard Fischer, Dr Dorothee Killmann, Gilbert Delepierre and Jean Paul Lebel in 2008.

Habitat of Orchids in Rwanda: most of the Orchids in Rwanda live suitably in Montane forests, swamps, bamboo forest and Hagenia-Hypericum forests. Its habit is very diverse and the climate seems to be suitable for growth.  Rwanda enjoys a temperate tropical climate with a high rainfall in the high altitude region.

Orchid diversity in Rwanda:  Due to a large variety of vegetation types from savanna to alpine biomes and a considerable climatic gradient from west to east, Rwanda is very species rich country, especially orchids.  242 orchids species are present in Rwanda while 25% are endemic.

Major Threats of orchids in Rwanda: Habitat degradation and anthropogenic activities.

Conservation of orchids in Rwanda:  Most orchids in Rwanda occur within the well protected area such as National parks, and the center of diversity is situated in Nyungwe National Park with Cyamudongo Forest. Also numerous species are found in Akagera and Volcano National Park.

Source: The orchids of Rwanda.


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