It Might Have been Love

Once life hands you an opportunity, you don’t have any other choice but to seize it! Not long ago, like other teenagers with such amazing and incredible dreams, our life was the best. We were not even preoccupied about the future,only wondered who would be the girl of our life! As it is said, when it is meant to happen it will, and so it did! When you are about to be a part of someone, believe me, destiny knows that you should not face this world alone; I met someone whose name will always be written deep within my heart but how?

Love is so strong that nothing can change your feelings! She should be the first one to approach you but you love her more than life, and you realize how blessed you are! She is the kind of girl you meet and don’t want to lose her for any inconvenience ever. Life is so strange; she supported me during my secondary school to become irreplaceable in my heart. It was like a dream before we met, as it took around five long years and then we realized that it was meant to happen. Should I call this destiny or just love? All I know is that it happened once and I was the happiest boy in this world.  But was it the first day or five years after her first email?

Should I wear this or this? And, how long should this take, my brother remind me that it is better I hurry before I miss her at the bus stop! Until I saw her, I was thinking that she will not make it, and don’t ask me how much I was sweating; it was like we were in the middle of the summer while we are on the second day of the year; that day completely changed my life so far. Did I greet her or not? The truth is that I don’t remember! On our way back home, I was flying in my paradise. Blessed I am, because of my sweet family; they took care of everything up to the table dressing, which was my duty all the time but not that day! For the entire lunch, we were treated like royalty and we were! It was like a dream becoming true; being with my lovely family and my love at the same table! I remember exactly that day like it was yesterday. And, when it ended with the first ever kiss of my life, felt how sweet love is and how being in love changes life. But what happened next was meant to happen- I don’t think so!

For instance, that day completely changed my life, I am telling you. At the time, it was the rise of social networks in the country and the boom in communication companies. We were growing day-by-day and so did the bonds that linked us, our love. We both promised to wait for each other as she was studying aboard. We cherished that long distance love; we called each other day and night, texting each other and would see each other once life hands us the opportunity. We found ourselves telling each other the deepest secrets of our live. It was quite amazing even though she was thousands of miles away and I was starting University. I could stand on my feet and say that we had season in the sun! She was a confidante, a lover, and everything in my life. And then… as the French say rira bien qui rira le dernier!

And it is said akaryoshye ntigahora mwitama, how could I change what was going to happen?  Then began the downturns in our perfect relationship and felt I was about to lose a part of me. Most of the time we argued; became angry but still its end with a love note. But that time, the wind was stronger than the walls! I remember the day she was crying on my chest, our dreams tumbled like walls.  This was not fair; they had someone else for her! I can’t say what the hell that was, but how strongly we survived even though we lost what makes love sweet: confidence. This felt so strange again; the closer we became, the less we had time to rebuild our love! Our love was strong and deep, but we were kids to survive all this. Last summer, after disappointment… we finally spent the whole day together, but was it the last one? All I know is that we shared and cherished each other; Ooh, how sweet it was, but how sad that it only lasted for two days; we had to leave to pursuit our dreams and careers. I wish that our destinations will one day take us to the same place for another chance. Even though a lot should change until then, all I know is that you have been the most gorgeous girl I even met and this is my whole truth.

Based on a True Story

 Written by Prudence N:


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