A Love Note

Little did He know was that from his deepest disappointment was to come the love of his life- an Angel. Most of the time, in our daily life, we went through worst and we think it is the end of the world! But, the sun shines, rain falls, and life goes on as usually. The truth is that things don’t always happen the ways you expect them until one day you realize that you lost a precious diamond busy collecting stones! Following is his story

How many times did you come across the statements like: “It will happen when it means to happen” Or “Things happen when you least expected them”. I didn’t believe in any of both statements till recently I discovered that I have been with my Soul Mate. Just, one sight, one thought, one flight, one night, one piece of bread…was enough!

Not long ago when our fates interfere, born a star that will illuminate the remaining of our days on the earth with the blessing from the Above. That fondness, that tenderness, that attachment, that passion and that adoration is what makes her The One. Her prayers and her unconditional love help me to wake up early in the morning ready to face any challenges because I am overprotected. It is not always you meet such personal in your life; an angel, hard working, smart and devoted girl! You know what I am saying, right?

It said that don’t expect honesty from a cheaper person, so don’t expect an Angel from a cheaper person too. Some people thought that they can control her destiny, they tried to destroy all she has built but who comes out was stronger, confident and determined woman- a wife. Her life has never been an excuse to do wrong things but she chooses to be within Almighty’s hands. Nothing shall destroy her because her personality is unique.

With all the pressure on her shoulders; she stays fame, calm and smiling. That is really unique to you and the best quality for all stronger women on the earth. I have learned a lot from you; the time in your life you are facing challenges, your inner is being prepared for a prosper life. It took too long and you felt lonely, but that day was yet to come. That day that changed our life. Since the day you said yes; we complete each other and the life got a meaning.

And remember, as it is said, behind a successful man there is always a stronger woman. Not only or necessary successful in terms of money but in daily life. Those people living a happy and amazing life are not necessary those with plenty money on their bank accounts but those having Angels in their life.

You, too, were born to be happy! So, who is that angel so that you should build a paradise for her? What are you waiting for? Just tell her that she is Unique, that she The One, that she is you Soul mate! That she is all you have been looking for all your life and that you will be happy to spend the remaining of your days on earth together! That she completes you! You have all it takes to be happy. Seize the opportunity and that day, your life will be full of joy and happiness; bliss. You will become the one you have dreamed about.

* Inspired and based on a true story.